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Interview with Bestial Desekrator of Sexual Fornications and Goetic Ritual of Nocturnal Damnation!!

Interview conducted via email in August, 2014.   
Thanks to Gumiho (구미호) for the translation from Korean to English.

It took fucking forever to get this interview done, which was entirely my fault.   Anyway, there's been a few updates since this interview took place- at the time of this writing, Goatphomet is on hold since earlier this year, and Nocturnal Damnation has acquired a new member, Patiwat (Zygoatsis, Masochist), a well-known figure in the Thai underground black/death metal scene.   Also, Nocturnal Damnation released a split with Goatchrist666, "A Domination of Tyrant's Necro-sodomy", earlier this year through Inhuman Assault Productions.
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WULF:  It seems like you're in two bands right now, Nocturnal Damnation and Goatphomet.   Tell us a bit about these bands.   Also, why did you change the name of your old band, Adokhsiny, to Goatphomet?   And what does "Adokhsiny" mean, exactly?

Bestial Desekrator
BESTIAL DESEKRATOR OF SEXUAL FORNICATIONS AND GOETIC RITUAL:  Hails (Wulf)! It is a pleasure to do this interview with you.   Simply saying, Nocturnal Damnation and Goatphomet are Black/Death Metal bands, but stylistically both bands are quite different.   Nocturnal Damnation is bestial black/death metal influenced by Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Sarcofago, Beherit (old), Goatpenis, Naked Whipper, and Bestial Warlust, and Goatphomet plays ritualistic black/death similar to Goatlord, Archgoat, Teitanblood, Nocturnal Blood, Void Medication Cult, Sperm of Antichrist, Embrace of Thorns.   The reason why I changed Adokhsiny's band name to Goatphomet is because I wanted the name to be more black/death metal-sounding.   I thought about it a lot, and it just wasn't the style that I wanted even though I wanted to play black/death metal when I reformed Adokhsiny.   As for the name, Adokhsiny means "Ancient Korean ghost name" (edit:  I still don't know what he's talking about here)!

WULF:  On all of Nocturnal Damnation's records, the instruments are played by Infernal Saviour of Nuclear Onslaught and Warmageddon, from Spain.   How did you meet this guy, and why did you decide to collaborate with him?   As for Goatphomet, it looks like you're in that band with fellow members Nuclear Vaginaliax and Rotten Clitorias Vengeance and H. Goatkommander.   Are these current members Korean as well?   The reason why I ask is because the former members of Adokhsiny were originally Koreans, but eventually the Korean members left and you were joined by members from other countries (such as Devoured and Tormentized from Malaysia, and Obispo from The Phillipines).   How did you meet these guys?   Wasn't it difficult to write music with members in different countries?  

BESTIAL DESEKRATOR OF SEXUAL FORNICATIONS AND GOETIC RITUAL:  I remember that I knew about Infernal Saviour coincidentally.   At that time I ran an underground label that he wanted to release his album through, and I thought this was a good idea.   So I released two of his albums, and then we started to talk about many things.   I asked him to help me with Nocturnal Damnation, and he agreed.   That's how we started recording together.   So I think that the reason we worked together is because we wanted to help each other, but now he's not in the band.   Honestly, I don't want to talk about Infernal Saviour because he's not a member anymore.   On the internet, there's a lot of bad gossip or rumors about me and my band, so I don't want to talk about him anymore.   As for Nuclear Vaginaliax and Rotten Clitorias Vengeance, he's Korean, and H. Goatkommander is a member of the Peruvian black/thrash metal band Hell Torment.   He helped me as a session musician on Goatphomet's demo.   As I told you, knowing about friends from other countries is because I ran an underground label, so I helped them with the releases of their albums.   I wasted a few years seeking band members in Korea, so I gave up having Korean members.   This is one of the reasons why I work with foreigners.   There is some inconvenience working on music this way in Korea but I'm used to it by now, so it's not that hard for me.

WULF:   You've said before that you don't really associate with the rest of the bands in the Korean metal scene.   Why?   Are there any worthwhile bands that you DO associate with or recommend checking out?   Also, since the Korean metal scene is so bad, where you like to be instead?

BESTIAL DESEKRATOR OF SEXUAL FORNICATIONS AND GOETIC RITUAL:   I used to hang out with Korean bands around 2002-2003, when I was younger.   I was just beginning to play music.   Honestly, I still haven't met people or bands here that suit my musical tastes.   There are so many trendy bands in Korea, and they just aren't my style, so it's hard to hang out with Korean bands for me.   But also, I don't have much interest in this kind of music, such as metalcore, melodic death, post-thrash, slam, brutal death, melodic black metal, etc.   So I don't feel any necessity to check out these kinds of Korean metal bands.   Sometimes I check out new Korean bands, but they're usually just metalcore or melodic death, or it's just news about new music by (popular Korean metal bands such as) Sahon, Oathean, Silent Eye, Method, etc., so I don't have much interest in this.   But if there's a really good black/death metal band with an underground aesthetic, then I'd love to support them.   But I'm afraid that I haven't seen that kind of band yet (Kalpa is/wasgood, even though they're a different style from my music, but I still feel like I'd like to listen to them if they released a new album).   Honestly, I've always thought that I'd rather work on music or tour in Germany, Italy, USA, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, etc. than in Korea.   

WULF:  Obviously, you use dark and violent imagery in your music and artwork.   How much of a role does Satanism or a belief in the occult play in your everyday life?   Is there a specific philosophy or spiritual belief system you adhere to?   At what point in your life did you begin to explore "the dark side of life" (the Left Hand Path).   Finally, is there any literature of other non-musical art that you find particularly meaningful or influential?

BESTIAL DESEKRATOR OF SEXUAL FORNICATIONS AND GOETIC RITUAL:  Well... I'm actually an atheist! I don't believe in Satan but when I write lyrics I'm influenced by Satanism, occultism, demonology... It's a musical theme rather than my personal life philosophy.   I'm not a philosopher so it's not easy to explain about specific philosophies, but I adhere to the philosophies of Johan Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.   Actually my life has not been smooth, and I haven't been happy since my early school days.   So because I was always alone I began to search for extreme metal music.   I like books or movies about Satanism, the occult, and they inspire me (as well as Johan Wolfgang von Goethe's "Faust", Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche's "Also Sprach Zarathustra", "Anti-Christ" and occult horror films such as "Alucarda", "The Devils", "The Exorcist", "The Devil's Rain", "Escalofrio (Satan's Blood)".... and plus "Devils Inside Her"(1977 Adult horror, hahaha).   I want to read books about demonology but it's hard to find these books in Korean, so I just do research and read about this on the internet even though it's still hard to understand completely.

WULF: On the other hand, I'm sure you have some guilty pleasures as well in terms of music.   I know you probably have lots of violent, bestial war metal in your record collection, but what is the most embarrassing album you own or enjoy listening to?   For example, I'm a huge fan of Celtic Frost's "Cold Lake", even though it's considered by many to be one of the worst metal albums of all time.

BESTIAL DESEKRATOR OF SEXUAL FORNICATIONS AND GOETIC RITUAL:  Well, I've already sold the albums that I think are the worst, so I don't have any records that are embarrassing in my collection.   But some albums made me disappointed or embarrassed.   I'm a huge fan of Morbid Angel but "Illud Divinum Insanus" record was one of the worst albums so I was really embarrassed, but on the other hand it's kind of fun/funny.   Their earlier albums and demos are classics, but their recently albums are really disappointing, so I don't listen to them anymore.   I think the it's better to listen to earlier stuff like German thrash legends Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, and Celtic Frost, too.   It's better for me to listen to the records that I have or bestial black/death, black/thrash, old school death/thrash, or NWOBHM, rather than listening to theerrible albums.

WULF:  The West is terrified of North Korea.  While it's obvious that most South Koreans don't give much of a shit about North Korea and all of their empty threats and war-mongering, no one can deny that the North Korean people are pretty isolated from the rest of the world.   I would assume that most Western music is forbidden, especially something as volatile as heavy metal...similar to how things were for the Eastern Bloc countries dominated by the Soviet Union in the 1980's.   My question is, if you had the chance to perform a live show there, would you do it?   If so, how do you think the people would react to your music?   I know this is completely unrealistic, but I think it's an interesting scenario to think about.

BESTIAL DESEKRATOR OF SEXUAL FORNICATIONS AND GOETIC RITUAL: It's a fun question, but I don't like to talk about politics.   It's true that Koreans don't care and North Korea bans Western music, but I'm not interested in North Korea and usually it's about the politics.   So even if there was a chance to perform in North Korea, I'm not that interested.   Also, I think the people in North Korea wouldn't react well.   I'd rather just kick that pig Kim Jong-un's ass instead, that would be more fun hahaha.

WULF:  What are your plans for the future of your bands?   Any new releases coming up?   What about live performances?   What do you hope to accomplish with your bands?

BESTIAL DESEKRATOR OF SEXUAL FORNICATIONS AND GOETIC RITUAL:  Currently Nocturnal Damnation is working on new songs with a new member.  I'm planning on releasing a split 7" and an EP, but I haven't found a label yet.   Goatphomet is planning to work on new music this fall or winter, but I'm not sure.   I really want to perform live, but I can't because I don't have any members here to play with.   If I can, I'd rather perform Southeast Asia or Europe than South Korea.   And I want to show that Nocturnal Damnation and Goatphomet are not just studio-only bands (I don't like studio, one-man bands!!!!).

WULF:  That's all the questions I have.   Any final comments are yours...


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