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This has been one hell of a year!! While most of it was spent working in Sydney, Australia (and exploring its seedy underbelly of thrash, doom, and black metal via some killer metal fests such as Evil Invaders IV and The Devil's Arcana), as of this writing I am now back home in the forsaken prairies of the vast American Midwest, just in time for another grim winter. While I spent most of this year pretty out of the loop due to not having the time or money to read Decibel or Terrorizer and just being too damn lazy to keep up online, I feel like with this list I'm probably overlooking a lot of releases that would have made it had I been more attentive to what's come out this year. Obviously some of the other writers on here have posted their top albums, and while I haven't listened to a lot of those albums I'm going to use my lack of expertise in what was hot this year to cobble together a list that is unique in its development (the majority of the albums I check out are usually based on friends' recommendations, but this year I did most of my exploring on my own due to living in another continent and being cut off from my usual magazine publications that keep me up to date). I have a feeling that if I had been back in Kansas this list would have been much different, but oh well. Here are the Top 10 albums I'll most likely be listening to repeatedly in the future that perhaps you will enjoy exploring as well:

10. "Monolith of Inhumanity" - Cattle Decapitation

You would think that at this point the whole "Cattle Decapitation" premise would be getting pretty old. Don't get me wrong, I think they're a great band and were all really cool dudes when I met them (especially Travis Ryan, one of my favorite metal performers to see live!), but I just remember back in the day they got a lot of attention for being vegetarians and singing about humans being slaughtered in abattoirs and shit and there wasn't a whole lot of focus on their actual music. 10 years later and 5 full-lengths in, half of the band isn't even vegetarian anymore and I was really disappointed when they lost the fat dude with the beard on bass (replaced, I should note, by local band Origin's very own Derek Engemann, small world!). You'd think they'd be losing steam, but holy shit did they kick the shit out of everyone with "Monolith of Inhumanity"! While I think it might be SLIGHTLY overhyped (and a little redundant from a songwriting perspective), it's still easily one of the year's best death metal albums for sure.
What does it for me on this album is almost purely David McGraw's drum performance and the drum production as a whole. I haven't heard drums sound this good in a long time...I usually describe it as a "punchy" sort of sound, but that just sounds kind of dumb...just listen to them, you'll know what I mean! I can't get enough of that drum sound, it's just so polished-sounding and crisp without crowding the mix. Needless to say, McGraw is a fucking BEAST on this recording, he's all over the place and I'm sure doing really complicated shit as well...I have a hard time listening to the rest of the album just because I like the way the drums sound so much!! My vote for the drummer of the year!
Everyone else sounds great too, especially the fucking insane vokillz!! Ryan viciously screams, growls, and rasps with extreme malice and venom throughout the entire album (although I'm not too sure about the Devin Townsend-esque semi-clean vocals, but whatevs)!

If you want to get crazy you can watch the really gross video for "Forced Gender Reassignment" here!

9. "Blood Fetish" - Putrid Pile

Although a pretty big name in the brutal death/slam scene, I feel like Putrid Pile is always overlooked! I really enjoyed "House of Dementia" from 2009 but I don't really remember it generating much buzz among critic picks for best of the year. "Blood Fetish" is just as good, with pretty much everything you would expect-- sick guttural vokillz and disgusting lyrics (Shaun LaCanne is probably not OK mentally), catchy, brutal riffs with the occasional slam breakdown, and a surprisingly good production job for being what is essentially bedroom death metal.

What I really like about LaCanne's guitar playing is that he doesn't get too nutty or ambitious by attempting to be overly-technical or fancy, just straight-to-the-point, unpretentious brutality and no-frills drums (which always sound crisp and punchy without being too mechanical-sounding, extremely important if your drums are going to be programmed IMO). This would be a blast to see live!!

8. "And So It Came To Pass" - Dyscarnate

If there was one death metal album that came out this year that I'd say is a perfect companion to an intense workout with your bros ("bro metal"), you can't go wrong with the new Dyscarnate joint. They combine killer production, brutality, slam/groove, and surprisingly catchy songs compared to most of the other br00tal shit that came out this year. While I wouldn't go so far as to call this slam, it still makes me want to wear a sideways cap (or at least wear it at a jaunty angle), mesh gym shorts, and prepare to get completely pummelled in the pit. With songs like these, I find it hard to believe that these dudes wouldn't kill it live on a regular basis. Oh, and to top it all off their promo pics look like they just got finished with their menswear catalogue photo shoot and didn't have time to change and just said fuck it. Who knows, maybe they don't even like metal but are just really disgruntled office employees.

Seriously though...brutal, slamming DM band's promo pic, or extras from a Brooks Brothers Men's Catalogue (Fall Edition 2012) photo shoot?

Anyway, all jokes aside this is obviously one of my favorite death metal albums of the year, and if you like your slam/brutal DM slickly-produced (for once) with some top-notch performances, check this out!!

7. "Legend" - Witchcraft

It looks like the past few years have been rough on Witchcraft. I'm not too sure on the exact details of the all the drama that went down but they look like a different band at this point! Magnus even cut his hair :(
Anyway, I know the one they call (The Malicious Intent Blog's very own) Cate the Great wasn't too keen on this latest album, I really enjoyed it!! The experimentation from "The Alchemist" is still there, but without getting nutty and ruining the whole proto-doom/psychedelic rock atmosphere that's at the core of the band's sound. Passionate vocal delivery, memorable melodies and riffs, and overall just a really solid album. It's definitely great to put on if you're getting rowdy at a party or just hanging out with friends (or having sex for that matter, whatever)...a lot of metal (especially the metal I like) doesn't really fit that description, but then again I haven't considered Witchcraft a metal band for quite some time, if ever really...haha therefore I guess they don't belong on this list, but who cares. While I can't say that if you like their previous albums you'll enjoy this one, don't let Cate the Great scare you off! Light up a doobie with your friends or loved one(s) and have fun!! "Legend" is definitely an album you could put on that would satisfy many a metalhead as well as those who prefer non-metallic shit as well! Killer band!!

6. "I Begin" - God Seed

After King ov Hell dropped the turd of an album that was "The Underworld Regime" (which was supposed to be God Seed's debut album but obviously Gaahl was too embarrassed to have his name attached to it; King got Shagrath to do vocals instead lol), my hopes were not high for "I Begin". If "The Underworld Regime" was the best that King and Gaahl could come up with after splitting away from Gorgoroth, I was going to have to side with Team Infernus. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this new album!! While Gaahl's vocals are as venomous and versatile as ever and the rest of the band's playing and songwriting is quite strong, what truly impressed me was the atmosphere Geir Bratland brought to the mix with his experimental, psychedelic keyboard wizardry. While at times it's just kind of weird (like on "Aldrande Tre"), other times he fucking NAILS it (check out the second half or so of "This From the Past"!! I feel like it's the soundtrack to Gaahl taking too much LSD or something and standing on a mountain contemplating the cosmos or some shit. Also check out the album's bizarre single "Alt Liv", which they also produced a cryptic music video for. While sometimes I find the whole 70's keyboards thing kind of irritating in metal (see Borknagar's later shit or some of Amorphis' stuff) just because I think it just makes it sound more "zany" than anything, Bratland definitely knew what he was doing on here. Anyway, besides that I highly recommend it if you like your black metal weird and want to explore an interesting, multi-dimensional album!

I can't find "This From the Past" on Youtube, but you should definitely check it out (via Spotify or whatever), as it's definitely one of my favorites of the year (especially the second half!!).

5. "Sorrow and Extinction" - Pallbearer

Everyone was all over Pallbearer's nuts this year, and for good reason!! They came out of nowhere with their well-crafted brand of crushing doom, but still kept it real with their soaring vocals and some beautiful melodies intertwined with their funereal dirges of oblivion and woe. What really does it for me on this album are Brett Campbell's vocals! Just listen to "Foreigner" or "The Legend" and you'll see what I mean, as his style is far from original (similar to Ozzy-era Black Sabbath or Zeeb Parkes of Witchfinder General), holy shit does he nail that delivery perfectly without going overboard. I also really enjoyed the dual guitar harmonies as well!! While I still wouldn't say this is an amazing album, if you're a doom fan or don't like harsh vokills in your metal but still dig the heavy sound (??) then I'll bet you just might dig this album! Just get yourself into an altered state of irreversible misery and cry yourself to sleep, this album is the perfect soundtrack!!

4. "Umskiptar" - Burzum

Ah yes, the ol' Burzum dilemma. I'm not going to get into all the drama or pro/anti "fan of the music, not the artist" arguments, and am just going to specifically focus on my own thoughts regarding the album and where I feel Varg's coming from, based on his own ludicrous rants and cringe-worthy commentary on the state of the world that can be seen on Burzum's official website.
Anyway, "Umskiptar" is a weird album, to be sure. Compared to his pre-prison releases, the new Burzum is less heavy, more experimental, and yet still retains that dirty, adventurous, bold "Burzum" sound that's always been there. While thematically the album is supposed to revolve around Norse mythology and the Völuspá and all that, honestly I don't feel that imagery at all while listening to it. Instead, I just think about Varg himself, his writings, and his current feelings towards the state of the world...sadness, fear, despair, and a longing for the world to in reality be how it should be in his own imagination. On his website he rambles on about how fucked up and corrupt the world is and how Europe has lost its way and blah blah, yet he's constantly providing updates on his own RPG that he's developing (lol except I am actually pretty excited about this), his fantasy novel, and pseudo-scholarly writings on pagan Europe. I guess I can see where people are coming from when they talk about how it's difficult for them to enjoy Burzum's music because Varg is vehemently racist, a murderer, arsonist, etc., because I have difficulty not thinking of all the current events that I can only assume are the true inspirations for his music, from which all this mythological imagery seems to just be a cover or allegory.
Obviously, I could be mistaken since I don't know anything about the Völuspá, its story, or what's really going on in Varg's mind, but while listening to "Umskiptar" I couldn't help but imagine myself suddenly looking through the world from the eyes of Mr. Vikernes- his anxiety/dread over the potential collapse of the Eurozone/European Union, the massive influx of immigrants (specifically, Muslims) to Western Europe and its resulting change in racial demographics and the problems that may come with it (or not, hopefully), the supposed lack of values of modern day European society, etc. Or who knows, maybe what's really bugging him is that he has no one to playtest his new RPG with because his kids aren't old enough yet to get it, his wife thinks RPGs are gay, and his neighbors are all old and only speak French (I guess Varg lives in France now).
Seriously though, from a purely musical perspective I really enjoyed this album!! While at times it's a little clunky (and a little boring and dull), his songwriting is just as good as any other new Burzum album. I honestly feel like Varg is one of the most underrated metal guitarists because while he's no Steve Vai, the shit he comes up with such a limited style and sound is always amazingly creative. One of the best examples of this is on my favorite track, "Valgaldr" starts off kind of weird, but around the 3:00 mark it really starts to pick up, and by the end of it I feel like I've listened to something like a black metal requiem for Europe. Listen to how he combines layers of those guitar tracks together along with the vocals!! I remember walking along the highway in North Sydney in the rain and just really feeling this's just so sad, yet kind of dream-like as well!! It always makes me think of man's place in the cosmos, the current state of European politics, forgotten gods, cavemen in bear cults, and shit like that. Yeah, it's also honestly pretty goofy, but I guess that just comes with listening to any metal, really.

3. "Becoming" - Abigail Williams

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking. If you didn't read my previous post I wrote on these guys and want to know what the deal is, feel free to check it out! I'm too lazy to go into it here, except I will say that I might have overreacted slightly when I first heard this album earlier this year, but that's not to say that it's still not deserving of a place on my Top 10!!
Anyway, I knew something was up when I started listening to the first track and it reminded me of an outtake from the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 soundtrack until the guitars kicked in. After that I wasn't exactly surprised when it became clear that Abigail Williams had changed their style yet again, but what did surprise me was that they really seemed to get it right this time and seemed confident and comfortable at the same time, as if they'd been playing this style the whole time. While some of the songs go on for too long and suffer from too much experimental indulgence (and perhaps even come off at times as slightly pretentious or goofy- a good example of this is the throwaway interlude track "Three Days of Darkness" which seems like it was co-produced by Yanni) or just get kind of boring, overall this album is quite strong- great production, solid musicianship, and just a general feeling of freshness and inspiration...even if they are just ripping off post-black metal darlings such as Wolves in the Throne Room, Altar of Plagues, and Nachtmystium.

What I like about this song is that it has so many gorgeous moments which contrast well with the harshness of the music and production. When I listen to this song I always get this scene in my head of some dude really high on opium and the Titanic just crashed into the iceberg and he's trying to make it out alive. Kind of reminds me of a cross between the end of the movie Titanic mixed with the game S.O.S. on SNES...I used to play that game with my buddy Braden when we were kids (who's involved with D&D metallers Accursed Wound). Maybe try listening to the song while watching this youtube video of some serious S.O.S. gameplay!!
Anyway, the strings and weird synth effects work really well and definitely make this one of the better experimental BM songs that came out this year.

2. "Time I" - Wintersun

Ah yes, the infamous "Time" album from Wintersun. Besides the really long songs, it's pretty much what you would expect from everyone's favorite "Extreme Majestic Technical Epic Melodic Metal" band from Finland (apparently Wintersun's own official classification of itself as a metal genre), but with a strong Eastern/Oriental flourish (especially on the intro track, "When Time Fades Away"). Probably a reference to Mists of Pandaria and how addicted Jari still is to WoW (zing).
While it's already semi-embarrassing that I'm still a giant metal fan, I'm not self-conscious enough to be weird when Cannibal Corpse or something comes on when I'm in mixed company, but I'd seriously have a hard time legitimately trying to explain to any normal person why I love Wintersun so much and how listening to them sweeps away to a land of frozen forests and misty crags upon which winter wizards of the grim Northern Wastes go to battle with forgotten arcane magic(k)al sorcery and unicorns triumphantly--
You get the idea. Either you love this shit or you don't, but there's no denying that Jari and co. are amazing musicians, and while perhaps this album isn't amazing enough to have to be 8 fucking years in the making (we'll see how the other half of the album goes whenever the shit that's released!!), I definitely worked on my Pathfinder (similar to D&D haaaa) campaign more than once while listening to this album. Definitely my guiltiest pleasure on this list!! At least it's not like Nightwish or something though, right (I did secretly kind of like "Dark Passion Play" and all of their shit with Tarja tho :/)??
It's too bad that Wintersun never released a real music video for a song off this album, but can you really blame them?? Besides the two instrumental tracks, the shortest song is over 8 minutes. Anyway, this is the best I could do. LOL at Jari Mäenpää's fashion sense, but I do really like the music.

1. "777 - Cosmosophy" - Blut aus Nord

My favorite metal release of 2012!! Whenever I listen to Blut aus Nord I always have visions of a vast, hyper-futuristic, dystopian metropolis where everything is just really fucked (basically this). I'm sure Vindsval has other shit in mind with his lyrics that involve astral projection and gnostic mysticism or whatever, but that's what his music makes me think of. That or being on heavy-duty psychedelics while being lost in space...constantly distracted by the beauty of the cosmos while also being absolutely fucking terrified. Yeah yeah, I know that obviously you don't need to be lost in outer space for that to happen to you, but it's an extremely important detail when I imagine this scene when listening to BaN. Just like the cover art and previous albums, "777 - Cosmosophy" is creepy, cold, etherial, weird, and at times quite beautiful. Vindsval's soaring clean vocals kind of remind me of Ihsahn's epic vocals in some of Emperor's later stuff, except more removed and's a great match with the meandering, at times even broken-sounding riffs and mechanical drums.
It's important to listen to this album when you're not doing anything distracting...check this album out when you're laying in bed at night in complete darkness and focus on following the music. I first tried to listen to it while doing yardwork for a family friend in the middle of the day and thought it was pretty boring. I hate to describe albums as "growers" but I guess that's what this record was to me. One day I plan on listening to the entire "777" trilogy all the way through, but for now I'd say perhaps "Cosmosophy" is my favorite of the three. This definitely isn't for everyone, but if it sounds intriguing to you then definitely check it out!!


On a separate note, is it bad that my truly favorite album of 2012 wasn't even a metal album? It wasn't even an "album" (in the technical sense) either!! Chief Keef's "Back From the Dead" mixtape was one hell of a compilation, and even though it seems like everyone's pretty over the whole "Don't Like" craze/meme I still feel like this is a great release! Also, I still haven't heard Chief Keef's debut album "Finally Rich" which came out this year, but I'm sure it's just as good!
(The video that started it all...)
I remember walking around Sydney while listening to this on my iPod and feeling so fucking cool. One of my favorite experiences was listening to the entire album while I was drinking by myself at The Star Bar and digging how it just kept on getting better with each song. Every time I heard "Midwest kush, bitch!" I remember walking around and thinking, "yeah, we don't fuck around in the Midwest! You bitches better not fuck with me!"...even though I'm white, from the suburbs of a progressive college town in Kansas, and was raised by parents that had academic backgrounds in the liberal arts. No one in The Star Bar knew that though (or would really care either way, I suppose) :D
(I prefer the "Back From the Dead" version, but whatever)
I think what really does it for me is not really Chief Keef's lyrics (which are actually surprisingly well-done given his really simple vocal delivery) or style but Young Chop's killer beats!!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to check this out, feel free to leave any comments and let me know what you think! I'm definitely going to do a much better job of keeping up with metal for 2013 and plan on blogging more (as well as joining up with Judge Dredd and his current invasion of South Korea), so keep your eye on the good ol' Malicious Intent blog for updates!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

We All Faulter

relaxing after a hard days workMan, the end of the year lists really take it out of me.  Around November and December I usually scramble to catch up on all the Metal releases I may have missed over the course of the year.  What usually happens after that is I get completely overloaded on Metal and need to take a break for a while.  While I would say that I'm indeed a "metalhead", I certainly don't listen to Metal all of the time (cry "poseur!" if you want...I don't give a fuuuuuck).  This time around my downtime from Metal has found me listening to brooding post-punk and electronic music.  Ahhh, yes...the sounds of existential disillusionment and industrial decay.  Soooo relaxing.

In the summer of 2004, I vividly remember driving around listening to "From Wisdom to Hate" by Gorguts and "Miss Machine" by Dillinger Escape Plan, but I'm fairly certain no other blast beats or guitar acrobatics graced my car speakers during that summer.  By the time I got settled into my freshman dorm room that fall, I was only listening to Metal when I went to the gym (to this day, I can't not listen to Metal while working out). 

In fact, I ended up going years without listening to Metal.  I listened to very little Metal from the summer of 2004 until the winter of 2007.  Strangely enough, that period constitutes 7/8 of my university career.  I guess I was trying to "find myself" with whiny indie rock or whatever.  In the winter of 2007, I specifically remember there being a blizzard and school was canceled.  I thought to myself, "There is no music that better embodies the scene I see outside than the mighty Blizzard Beasts themselves...IMMORTAL!"  I then proceeded to play "At The Heart of Winter" at a mind-altering volume.  It was then and there that I returned to the left hand path.

I remember our friend and fellow Malicious Intent conspirator, The Commissar of Doom, once said that as much as he strays away from Metal, he always finds himself returning.  I've known very few Metalheads who have ever completely left the Unholy Church of Metal.  Usually, we come running back in full viking garb and bloody axe in hand anxiously yelling, "Where is it?!?!  Where is Valhalla!??"  That's when the feeble, skeletal hand weakly points to our Manowar records and we return triumphant.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cate The Great's Top 15 of 2012

Top 15?!  Say it ain't so!

Yes, I totally folded and had to add five more in because my "Honor Roll" list was just ridiculous looking.  According to my records (and yes, there are records), I listened to somewhere in the realm of 110 new albums this year (I'd like to thank Spotify and this dedicated fan for creating a ton of resources for me to use in my 2012 listening experience).  There were a lot of winners this year.

And . . . go!

15.  Enslaved - RIITIIR

*Conversation with myself in my head before writing this*

"Will there ever be a year where Enslaved releases a full length and it won't make my list?  I feel a little bad giving it a spot, because while I love this album, it's nothing new or inventive on their part. . .  just Enslaved being all awesome and Enslaved-y and all.  But DAMN - I can't not sing along . . . Fuck it.  It's on the list."

14.  Occultation - Three & Seven

This album just sums up the year for me.  Ritualistic doom and the occult.

13.  Bell Witch - Longing

It's no secret that Profound Lore had some major hits this year (it's 2009 all over again!), and this is number #2 of 5 of those releases total in this post.  I'm just such a sucker for the gloomy-forest sounds of the West.   Featuring Samothrace bassist Dylan Desmond (holla KS), this two-piece band's release Longing provides an excellent soundtrack to wallow in despair and explore the unknown.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Blasphemous Panthera Leo

So, a fellow Kansas metalhead made this, and I'm baffled to why it doesn't have thousands of views.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The State of Metal 2012: Judge Dredd's Dreaded Top 10

On a personal note, this was probably one of the best years of my life.  I spent the first half finishing up a year teaching English abroad in Santiago, Chile.  Then I spent a great summer home with my family and friends.  Finally, in August, I came to South Korea to teach English for an undetermined amount of time.  So far, I have been absolutely loving it.

Similarly, I think 2012 has been one of best years for Metal in recent memory (coincidence?!).  Now, let me clarify that statement by saying it is most certainly not from an objective point of view.  In fact, it's a 100% subjective point of view, know...that's how music preference works.  Almost every one of my currently active, favorite Metal bands released an album in 2012, and almost all of their releases were stellar.
I guess the prospect that the world may be ending this year really lit a fire under the asses of several of my favorite bands.  Pig Destroyer and Neurosis put out their first albums in 5 years.  Old Man Gloom put out their first album in 8 years.  Besides those three, some of my other favorite Metal bands including Enslaved, Meshuggah, Ihsahn, Dysrhythmia, Torche, Nachtmystium, and Baroness all released amazing albums.  

Of my favorite active Metal bands, the only two that are sadly missing the 2012 cut are Cult of Luna and Gorguts.  The former is in the process of recording for an early 2013 release while the latter has finally found a label to distribute its new album.

Of all of the Metal subgenres, I think the one that had the most amazing year was Doom Metal.  Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of Doom Metal.  In fact, there are virtually no Doom Metal bands that I listen to.  BUT, I can't help but to give credit where credit is due.  Of course, you had "Sorrow and Extinction" by Pallbearer, which everyone was shitting their pants over.  Additionally, there were new releases from Samothrace, Evoken, Interloch, Bereft, Anhedonist, and a bevy of others. 

Before we get to the list, I should probably add that, with the exception of number one, the order I put the albums in could be shuffled on any given day.  They're just all soooo daaaamn goooood...

Now, on to the dreaded (Dredded) list:

10.  Book Burner, by Pig Destroyer
It could be that I just need to give this one a few more spins, but I think that "Book Burner" pales in comparison to 2007's "Phantom Limb".  But, I mean, this is fucking Pig Destroyer!  Of course they are going to make an album that knocks everyone on their collective ass.  It's just that some of the songs don't rip your balls off after knocking you on your ass.  Despite my opinion that it doesn't hold up to its predecessor, "Book Burner" is easily still one of the best albums of the year.

9.  Silencing Machine, by Nachtmystium
While I liked 2010's "Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II", I thought it was a bit scatterbrained and just plain silly in some places.  "Silencing Machine", on the other hand, is one focused, bitter Black Metal monstrosity (in the best possible sense).  For "Silencing Machine", Nachtmystium stripped much of the unnecessary experimentation from the last two albums, and turned up the Black Metal a couple of notches.  Some have compared it to 2006's "Instinct: Decay" for the rawer sound, but the songwriting is so much better on "Silencing Machine" that it's really only possible to compare the two in superficial terms.

8.  Honor Found in Decay, by Neurosis
I can't say that I was ever too terribly impressed with 2004's "The Eye of Every Storm" or 2007's "Given to the Rising", so I really wasn't sure what to expect with "Honor Found in Decay".  It has all of the elements you would expect from a Neurosis album, especially emotional catharsis, but I think this their most focused album to date.  It's almost as if every drum hit, every note, every sound - has genuine intention and purpose.  It sounds like everything that they have been working towards for the span of their career came together on this album.  That's a lot to say for a band that has been around for over 25 years. 

7.  777: Cosmosophy, by Blut Aus Nord
"Cosmosophy" gets my vote for the best of the "777" trilogy.  Whenever I listen to this album, I imagine myself walking around a post-apocalyptic world full of industrial and urban decay.  Hallucinogenic and otherworldly as always.

6.  Yellow and Green, by Baroness
If you don't like this album, I seriously don't even care about what you have to say about anything ever.  

5.  Koi No Yokan, by Deftones
This is still the most surprising entry in my top 10.  While I really enjoyed "White Pony", I have always been more or less a passive Deftones fan.  Some of their material I really enjoy and some I just "meh" over.  Admittedly, I have never listened to "Saturday Night Wrist" or "Diamond Eyes", but "Koi No Yokan" blows all other Deftones albums I've listened to out of the water.  I think this has a great deal to do with my preference for their more ethereal and atmospheric material.  On "Koi No Yokan", a majority of the songs have this unexplainable dreamy quality to them, which I am immediately drawn to.  Additionally, Chino's vocals absolutely make some of these songs.  His range and knack for memorable hooks and melodies are really showcased here, probably moreso than any other Deftones album.  I hope to hear Deftones continue in this direction.

4.  All That We Love We Leave Behind, by Converge
And we thought that they could never outdo "Jane Doe".  How wrong we were!  This is Converge at their most raw and unhinged.  As Converge guitarist/producer, Kurt Ballou explained to Pitchfork, "There's no artificial distortion, triggers, or Auto-Tune on this album. It's all organic, it's real sounds that capture the way the band performs live." 
Even after repeated listens, I'm convinced this outdoes "Jane Doe" in almost every conceivable way.  Obviously, you may not agree with me, but that's OK!  Just know that you're very, very wrong. 

3.  NO, by Old Man Gloom
Eight years is an excruciatingly long time to wait for one of your favorite Metal bands to write and record a new album.  I mean, I was a fucking freshman at university when the last full length came out!  That in itself is just totally bat shit crazy to think about.  The mythos (essentially, returning to a primordial state of being) that Old Man Gloom has created for themselves is only part of the fun of listening to them.  Neolithic, caveman stompers like "Carry the Flame" are slamming headbangers, where as songs like "Rats" build up for their stoner in all of us, only to end in a delightfully crushing bang.  While the experimental and atmospheric electronics are still a part of the OMG sound, they lost Luke Scarola, who was their electronics guy.  As a result, there are two or three tracks that tend to really drag with a lot of more or less empty space, whereas if they still had Scarola in their ranks, I would imagine he would throwing in all kinds of weird sounds.  Nonetheless, a great comeback album.  It's also worth noting that Caleb Scofield is still as hot as ever (tee hee hee!). 

2.  RIITIIR, by Enslaved
It's amazing how this band continues to put out extraordinarily consistent, fantastic albums.  There is honestly not one Enslaved album that I have been disappointed by since they put out "Below the Lights" almost 10 years ago (note: six full lengths produced in that time).  For some reason, "RIITIIR" feels like it is Enslaved's most consistent and fluid album.  In fact, it almost feels as though there is some sort of story arch that I should be following.  Not one track really stands above (or below) the rest.  However, I will say that the last few tracks do drag a bit.  If it weren't for that caveat, I would have hailed this as Enslaved's undisputed masterpiece.  Nearly perfect.

1.  Dodecahedron, by Dodecahedron
Surprised?  I started this post off talking about how all of my favorite bands have released albums this year, and I pick a debut as my number one.  I'm so tricky!  I'm a tricky tricky trickster! 

I first heard this back in January, and I knew from that time on that it would end up on my top 10 list for the year, but I had no idea that it would be my number one.  Of all the new releases this year, Ii've listened to this one the most by far.  There are a number of reasons I like this album so much, but one reason I can play it over and over again is that there is just so much fucking shit going on all of the time.  The layers, dude!  The laaaayyyyeeers.  Whether it's the harmonically intricate guitar interplay or the underlying and ominous electronic sounds, it seems like something new pops up every time I listen again.  It's honestly not too surprising that Dodecahedron features members of Progressive Metal band, Exivious, as Dodecahedron show a lot of influence from the progressive realm of Metal.  Lots of weirdy time signatures and instrumental acrobatics.  Yet, they don't overemphasize their progressive tendencies and they really know how to build an atmosphere - something that Progressive Metal bands often severely lack, in my opinion.  

If any album released this year could be described as "labyrinthian", this would be it.  I feel like Wulf as I'm typing this, but listening to this album often reminds me of one of my favorite novels, "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski.  Some moments are stranglingly claustrophobic, while others are really open and atmospheric.  I could write days about this album, but just do yourself a favor and check it out!

Honorable Mentions:

With Hearts Toward None, by Mgla
Koloss, by Meshuggah
Eremita, by Ihsahn
Test of Submission, by Dysrhythmia
Harminocraft, by Torche
Selenelion, by Vaura
The Seer, by Swans
Sorrow and Extinction, by Pallbearer
Empyrean, by Mutilation Rites
Utilitarian, by Napalm Death

 Well, that's all!  I hope everyone had as awesome of a year as I did!  Here's to 2013!