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Interview with Invisus of Terra Australis!!

Interview conducted via e-mail in March 2015.

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WULF:  There isn't too much information I can find about you are quite mysterious!   Give us a brief history of your band up to this point. 

INVISUS: The band began in mid 2008, release a few independent demos over the next 2-3 years. It originally had a more DBSM-type edge to it, but with the joining of new members and just time itself its become far more 80's death, thrash, black metal inspired. But still retains that atmosphere that it was originally founded on.

WULF:  Another obvious question we have to get out of the way...   You just successfully completed what appears to be your first tour of Japan.   How was it?   How did the Japanese metalheads react to your brand of evil-as-fuck black metal? 

INVISUS: It was our second tour we had done in Japan, the first was with Rotting Christ in 2014, the second tour was more successful than the first from having done the first already and people being more aware of our sound and songs etc. Which is I think the way you would want it, with every tour being better and paving the way for the next one.

WULF:  According to an early interview with Invisus, Terra Australis was intended to just be a solo endeavor... even going so far as to imply that it will always stay that way.   Why did he decide to expand the project into a full band?   Is the band still primarily driven by Invisus, or is it more of a collaborative, group effort at this point?

INVISUS: When I started the band I didn't have much outlook for where it would go and where I wanted it to go, I had been playing in other bands through out the previous years and was tired of the politics that bands can suffer from, so I wanted to do it on my own and have complete control. That ideal I was holding began to shift with meeting and talking with Thorgrim Hammerheart, it seemed obvious to me he was a much better vocalist and would only benefit from being apart of Terra Australis, and that then snowballed into wanting to do gigs and therefore more members. But as for musical and lyrical say so, its still in my hands. I'll still write 80% odd of every release and designing cover art etc.

WULF:   It's clear that Satan / Satanism plays an important role in your music.  Is your concept of Satan literal, metaphorical, or perhaps even a bit of both? Is there a specific form of Satanism or dark philosophy / belief system that unites the band?   Also, are there any writings or works of literature that can help the listener better understand / appreciate your music?   What are you hoping to accomplish with Terra Australis?   This is the sort of question that I really wish we could elaborate on together in detail, as I find this subject fascinating, but unfortunately it's difficult to do via email / internet interviews.

INVISUS: That is a big question with a long answer, to sum it up would be to say, Satan too Terra Australis is the carnal lust for power and destruction that is in every person. The instinct of ambition and domination I guess is another way to say it.  When it comes to literature, philosophy etc we take
certain methods of thought from a lot of places so its hard to name a single book or work that reveals everything, because rule number one in life is no one is always right.  As for what we plan to accomplish is certainly close to that ideal, more power, stronger, heavier. The band itself to become bigger and bigger without a single fucking note compromised for $$.

WULF:  Aside from Marduk, you guys are one of the best live black metal bands I've seen in a long time!   While you obviously have your own sound and style, I really felt a strong old-school Scandinavian black metal vibe (especially from a visual perspective), but with perhaps a bit more melody.  Do you agree with this? For those who haven't had the pleasure, what can people expect from a live Terra Australis show? 

INVISUS: We want to show people that the old school is alive and well, it has not gone anywhere nor will it. Our music is intense so we much be intense with our live performance visually and sonically. Of course we share a love for old Darkthrone, Burzum, Marduk, but also a lot for the real classics like Sodom, Kreator, Sadus, Possessed, Nihilist, Hell Hammer, Celtic Frost, Venom, Bathory, Sabbath, Dio, Priest, Motorhead, and more.

WULF:  It looks like both Warlock Necrofiend (guitars) and Desecrator (bass) recently quit the band, and have been replaced by Morgue and Abysmios, respectively.   What brought about this change in lineup?   Have you considered making Morgue and Abysmios permanent members, or is Terra 
Australis going to remain a 3-piece for the foreseeable future?

INVISUS: Terra for the moment will remain Thorgrim Raven and myself for the moment, With Warlock that was his choice to pursue another band he had started (Deathripper) with Desecrator there was just a mark that he wasn't able to reach.

WULF:  On this Japanese tour you were also joined by fellow Australians Earth Rot and The Arbiter.   Was it through this connection of being a part of the Australian underground metal scene that led you to join this tour, or was it something else?   Do you feel as if you play a role in the local Melbourne black metal scene, or do you prefer to isolate yourself from this sort of thing?   Having lived in Sydney, I'm much more familiar with the New South Wales black metal scene than the one in Victoria... for the most part, is there a friendly / serious rivalry or competition between the two (or even with Perth for that matter!), or do the two not really associate? 

INVISUS: We were offered to play on the tour from a contact in Sydney, and since like I said already touring with the same company the year before. We don't really associate with many other bands and more just do our own thing in our own time. Where there is people there is bullshit, and we decided its best to be avoided. As for Melbourne vs. Sydney, I think that really depends on who you are asking, as for me no not really.

WULF:  Stupid question... but why did The Raven cut his hair?   Long hair may be a huge pain in the ass, but it's also way more evil! 

INVISUS:  Yeah it's shit, but it was a thing he had to do for a new line of work he was taking up. He's not going to be removed over something like that, his dedication to Terra is without question.

WULF:  What are your goals for the future?  Any upcoming tours, releases, or music videos you'd like to tell us about?   Also, any chance of you guys making a stop in South Korea? 

INVISUS: We are working on the final recordings for a new Cd to have out by late this year, try and sort out it being released on a proper label rather then Independent like almost all the others, Its has this real old school Death metal over tone to it.

Here is a promo release of some of the songs for your readers:

If we got a solid offer to play in South Korea then we would be there!

WULF:  The interrogation is over!  Any final proclamations / blasphemies / curses for our readers?

INVISUS: Born to lose, live to win!

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