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Interview with Prostitution!!

Interview conducted via email in April, 2013.
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WULF: OK, so from what I can tell this is one of your first interviews. I hate asking questions like this, but we should probably get it out of the way. Who are you? How did your band come about being formed? Do you play in any other metal bands? How would you describe your style of heavy music? And why is your band name "Prostitution"??

PROSTITUTION: we are three dudes playing some form of progressive black metal out of brooklyn who have been in a few other bands in the area. ben(drums) and jesse(bass) met at a wedding on long island. russ(guitar) and jesse we already trying to put a band together at the time. we figured we'd call it prostitution because it is a very very good name.

WULF: You have two releases now under your belt, the last one being the "Listless" EP that was released this year. What were you hoping to accomplish this release? How has the reception been for it so far?

PROSTITUTION: seeing the cover art realized was as much an impetus for the release of the listless 7" as anything else really. when we though of the neon pink sign, we had it commissioned. it will be finding a semi-permenent home at 7B in alphabet city. yeah, the sign is pretty good. the music is not bad either. people are digging it. we want to get our stuff out there and put it into peoples hands, get others to hear it.

WULF: NYC is quite the hotspot for metal these days, with black metal in particular. Krallice, Castevet, Negative Plane, Black Anvil, Liturgy... do you see yourself related to this "scene" in any way or do you prefer to not get involved in all that drama?

PROSTITUTION: we woud love to play with any of the bands you just mentioned.

WULF: Thematically what are your lyrics all about? Obviously you guys are talented musicians, but is your music more on the serious side or would it be better suited for a fucking ragin' house party? Maybe both?? Are you influenced by any other music, metal or otherwise?

PROSTITUTION: first off, we like to party; although i can't say we adhere to a specific pre conceived theme. whatever may be happing at the time, or whatever is handy, these are the things that make it into whatever we may be dong at any given time. that being said, we like to take care of business. some of us listen to a great deal of metal, others of us are more eclectic in our tastes. we try to make heavy music that has melody and goes somewhere. we feel a lot of what is out there now retreads the same formulas and sounds. we focus a great deal on quality control. it is important to avoid restating the same message again and again and again.

WULF: You released a video for "This Culture of Yours Is Interesting at Best", which I enjoyed! Do you have any plans to make a video for a song off of the "Listless" EP, like the title track?

PROSTITUTION: ya know, our good friend joachim azoulay was in town from paris at the time, so we shot that. he happens to be a wonderful camera, director kind of guy, so we shot that video on impulse and it came out pretty cool. we would love to shoot another one and might do so soon, as he is on his way out this summer.

WULF: I like to really geek out in some of my you recommend any good literature or books that may or may not have influenced your band? Also, just wondering if you guys are into role-playing games??

PROSTITUTION: have you checked out the 33 1/3 series? those are really cool. funny you should ask about gaming, as russ spent about 40 hours a week or so playing rpgs from 5th to 10th grade. as of right now, why, do you know anybody looking to form a d&d group?

WULF: Have you guys played many shows or toured? How has the crowd reacted so far to your performance? What can someone expect from witnessing a live Prostitution ritual??

PROSTITUTION: we play here and there around the area and have done some very small scale tours. we try to make performances heavy, fast, and brutal. we also have fun. people seem to be enjoying what we are doing, so that is encouraging.

WULF: Plans for the future? Tours, full-length LPs, manifestos, etc.? Let us know!

PROSTITUTION: dinner, beer, rehearsal...we will keep putting out music and evolving as a band and as individuals.

WULF: OK, that's all the questions for now! Any final words??

PROSTITUTION: thanks to all that support us. this is fun.

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