Sunday, March 11, 2012


I got off work last night around 3AM and since I had stupidly drank a cappuccino shortly before I finished my shift I was still wide awake long after I had gotten home. As usual, I got on youtube and started watching metal band interviews, and stumbled across this:

I've been a Lifelover fan for quite awhile now (RIP B.), and while I'm fairly familiar with what the band was about I was still pretty surprised at how weird these guys are/were. While it's possible that they definitely play up their whole "we're fucked up on drugs" schtick, something about these dudes just makes them seem like they're both mentally and physically ill. They give off this aura of a barely functioning, decrepit factory that still somehow manages to turn out products, or a clunky car that's spewing out a bunch of black smoke from its exhaust pipe on the highway as it sputters along. I don't think it's quite accurate to say that they'd be The Joker's favorite band, but that's still what comes to mind whenever I see a picture of the group (especially B.).

I don't know what it is about these guys that makes me so interested in them. None of their albums are excellent all the way through (although "Pulver" and "Konkurs" have some really great songs), but I just get the feeling from their music that these guys are into some pretty heavy shit and I think B.'s recent death definitely backs this up. At this point it seems kind of silly to make a post that's talking about Lifelover as if the average underground metal fan hasn't heard of them, but if you haven't ever checked them out or seen any of their interviews until now (like me), then check 'em out! Really bizarre, interesting depressive black metal.

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