Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tales from the Grim North

Hails metalheads of the Southern Prairies! I write to you from a land far to the north, beyond the great vast forest of the Pacific Northwest and the majestic, snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The land here is both grim and epic-- mist swirls around the forest-covered mountains, the smell of the sea is ever-present, and it is not uncommon to spot a soaring bald eagle or hear a harsh shriek of a raven or crow echo among the trees while adventuring in the wild outside of the village.

While I am here to visit my family, in order to help pay for travelling expenses I have acquired a job at a local tavern, serving the finest food and drink in town. Currently, the tavern music consists of only indie-rock and other types of musical nonsense, but I am working on changing this very soon. They believe that metal has no place in their establishment. Bah! They shall see their patronage triple (at least!) when people passing by hear the hallowed songs of glory and adventure emanating from within! By Varg Vikernes' facial scar, I will spread the gospel of metal to this town, even if it is to be the death of me!

I trust my co-DJs are continuing to provide quality aural destruction in my absence, but make no mistake...I am still in the game! Right now I am in the process of attempting to acquire some air-time up here on Sitka's community radio, so expect more news on this in the future!

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